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Starts On:  March 30th 2023 at 5am New York time
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Sold By:  35 Brook Street from the UK
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What to expect

Exclusive for CHICMI family to sample designer brands brought to us by 35 Brook Street! 😊🧁❤️

Support charities while you enjoy amazing brands with CHICMI!

The concept for 35BROOKSTREET was born in a time of uncertainty and for many, a time of financial hardship. However, fashion is a key part of today's self-expression and personal style has never been more relevant. By collecting high-quality stock from a variety of sources ranging from current/past season deadstock, samples, or even unique one off originals, 35BROOKSTREET has given the public access to key items and unique pieces at competitive prices, so that one does not have to sacrifice their wallet to look and feel their best.

Fast fashion has frequently been critiqued recently in the media for its exploitative nature toward workers and the environment and it is true that there is a push for smarter consumer choices, quality over quantity. This is unfortunately easier said than done, and access is not always available to all. However, as a brand 35BROOKSTREET aim to tackle this by continuously building a strong network across Europe and the UK to give quality clothing and footwear a new platform, to be resold at much more affordable prices.

35BROOKSTREET's opportunistic approach to sourcing, some items may not have original tags or labels, but nevertheless, they are new and meet a high standard of quality and condition. This does however mean that stock is limited and alternative sizes are seldom available.

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This sale runs from March 30th 2023 to April 3rd 2023, and ships to addresses in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

As soon as the sale starts, this page will turn into a store and you'll be able to see and buy the products.

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