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Starts On:  October 5th 2020 at 10am New York time.
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Organiser:  Cleoblvd from the United States
Hosted By: Chicmi Online Store

What to expect

Chicmi Love ๐Ÿคฉ: CleoBlvd is an eco-friendly jewelry line which embodies the freshness of LA ocean breezes and captures the dramatic, dynamic and electric LA fashion scene.

Designer Cleo has run campaigns for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Jimmy Choo, Paul Mitchell, K-Swiss, Pacifica, True Religion, and Charles David. Using her 11 years experience in the music, art and fashion industry to launch her brand, CLeo has always seen CLeoBlvd as a way to improve the lives of women by making them feel glamorous and alive, confident and individual.

The brand is a proud supporter of the Amnesty International, Black Lives Matter, The LGBT community, WWF, and the African Wildlife Foundation.

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As soon as the sale starts, this page will turn into a store and you'll be able to see and buy the products.

Online sales move quickly, so make sure you're set up with your address and payment details. You do not have payment and shipping details set up yet. Set this up before the sale starts. Note you can only ship to your card billing address as this sale.

All the items you purchase within an hour will be shipped together. You have one hour to cancel or change your order.

Chicmi Pro users get one hour early access before this sale opens to the public - shop first with a Pro account.

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