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Starts On:  December 4th 2022 at 5am New York time
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Exclusive for CHICMI family to sample Vantona! 😊🧁❤️

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Vantona is a brand steeped in British heritage, crafting and supplying premium quality bedding since the 1920s with a reputation for delivering the very best in designs, quality, and service.

Vantona developed a range of bedding to suit every style, from traditional to contemporary. Nurturing the current trends in interior design and utilising its historical archive for inspiration, the brand crafts timeless pieces for every season and for every home. 🥳

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This sale runs from December 4th 2022 to December 8th 2022, and ships to addresses in the UK only.

As soon as the sale starts, this page will turn into a store and you'll be able to see and buy the products.

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