2018 London Fashion Event Trends

Note: Because you are looking at the current year, all data is year-to-date. We update the data once every month.

Gender Interest

As you'd expect the fashion industry is dominated by female consumers. However men are becoming more involved in this category.

Age Interest

The majority of people looking at the site are interested in sample sales, which explains why the most prominent age group is 25 to 34. The younger generation are looking for new, hip and cult brands with low price points, the older generations look for more established brands, social events, exhibitions, education and networking.

Geographic Interest

Most of the visitors to London events are in the UK. However there is a healthy interest from countries closely connected to the UK like America and Europe, and even further afield from people in countries like Japan and China, who research fashion events before they travel to the city.

Day of Week

London's fashionistas tend to check in mid-week at work to plan their weekend, while they're more likely to be out and about on Saturday and Sunday rather than online

Time of Day

People often check early in the day to catch the newest listings and plan their day - or in the evening to browse and discover new interesting events and brands.

Types of Events

In the industry the focus of events is still shifting stock - and the hottest way for brands to engage face to face with consumers is to host sample sales and in-store events. However there is a diverse fashion scene in London and there are more other types of events in this city than anywhere else, particularly with the rise of branded fashion exhibitions.

Hottest Event Regions

Fashion events in London are often focussed around Mayfair and Oxford Street for high-end events, and in Hackney and Shoreditch for indie and emerging events. Fashion exhibitions are regularly hosted by the Fashion & Textile Museum in Southwark or the V&A.

Fashion Events by Month

The fashion industry in London has events all year round, but it's often quieter in January and August, and peaks towards Christmas. The Christmas peak is less pronounced in the UK than in US cities, with a stronger Spring/Summer event calendar.

Event Opening Day

Surprisingly Thursday is the most popular day for fashion event organisers to open their event in London, leading up to a strong weekend. Events rarely open in London towards the beginning of the week. Weekends in London are really important, unlike in New York where a lot of shopping happens on lunch breaks or after work.

London Sample Sales in 2018

Hottest Sample Sale Regions

The sample sale scene in London is distinctly focussed in two key regions - around Mayfair and particularly The Music Room on South Molton Lane for high end sample sales - and around Shoreditch, Hackney and particularly the Old Truman Brewery for emerging and independent designers.

Fashion Sample Sales by Month

Sample sales happen in London all year round but are mostly focussed on two key seasons - Spring and Winter. The Spring scene is long and spread out - starting from March and running through to July - but the Winter season is distinctly focussed on November and December Christmas shopping.

Top Fashion Sample Sales in 2018

These London sample sales were the most popular on Chicmi in 2018.

# Event Change
1 Karen Millen Warehouse Clearance Sale (Jan 2018)
2 Karen Millen Warehouse Clearance Sale (Jan 2018)
3 Sanderson, Zoffany & Harlequin Warehouse Clearance (Jan 2018)
4 Catherine Walker & Co Sample Sale (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018) 71
5 Jerome Dreyfuss Sample Sale (Jan 2018 - Feb 2018)
6 Design Centre Interiors Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
7 Tao & Friends Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
8 Charlie Brear Designer Clearance Sale (Jan 2018)
9 Hoxton Holborn Activewear Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
10 Wyse Barnes Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
11 Pringle of Scotland Outlet Sale (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018) 240
12 Fifty Shades Darker by Coco de Mer Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
13 Hobbs Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
14 Bentalls Kingston Warehouse Clearance Sale (Jan 2018)
15 Fiorucci Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
16 TASCHEN Warehouse Sale (Jan 2018)
17 Hush Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
18 Lucy Choi London Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
19 Catherine Deane Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
20 Carl Friedrik Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
Most popular sample sale brands 

Top Fashion Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of London sample sales they were involved in.

# Brand Change
1 Karen Millen -
2 Catherine Walker & Co 215
3 Jerome Dreyfuss
4 Tao & Friends 783
5 Lucy Choi London 318
6 Charlie Brear
7 Fashercise 692
8 Lorna Jane 610
9 Gibson Girl
10 Wyse 567
11 milliemanu 684
12 Pringle of Scotland 26
13 Coco De Mer 128
14 Hobbs
15 Fenwick
16 Fiorucci
17 TASCHEN 672
18 Hush 572
19 Catherine Deane 544
20 Carl Friedrik 524
Most active sample sale brands 

Most Active Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were involved in the most fashion sample sales in London in 2018.

# Brand Change
1 Lucy Choi London 155
2 Wyse 162
3 Karen Millen 2
4 Jerome Dreyfuss
5 Pringle of Scotland -
6 Hush 458
7 Alfie Douglas 142
8 Temperley 246
9 Carl Friedrik 689
10 Gibson Girl
11 Catherine Walker & Co 740
12 ME+EM 647
13 Fiorucci
14 Catherine Deane 194
15 House of Voga
16 milliemanu 370
17 Ganor Dominic
18 TASCHEN 679
19 Couverture & The Garbstore
20 Every Second Counts
Most popular sample sale venues  Most active sample sale venues 

London Bridal Sales in 2018

Bridal sales by month 

Bridal Sales by Month

How many bridal sales happened each month in London in 2018?

Most popular bridal sales  Most popular bridal sale brands 

Top Bridal Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of London bridal sales that they were involved in.

# Brand Change
1 Temperley Bridal
3 Gillian Million
4 Ivory & Co
5 Poppy Dover 23
6 Sanyukta Shrestha 1
7 Ted Baker
8 Phillipa Lepley 16
9 Anna Kara
10 Tatyana Merenyuk
Most popular bridal sale venues 

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