2018 New York Fashion Event Trends

Gender Interest

As you'd expect the fashion industry is dominated by female consumers. However men are becoming more involved in this category.

Age Interest

The majority of people looking at the site are interested in sample sales, which explains why the most prominent age group is 25 to 34. The younger generation are looking for new, hip and cult brands with low price points, the older generations look for more established brands, social events, exhibitions, education and networking.

Geographic Interest

Most of the visitors to New York events are in the USA. However there is a healthy interest from countries closely connected to the USA like Canada and Europe, and even further afield from people in countries like Japan and China, who research fashion events before they travel to the city.

Day of Week

New York's fashionistas tend to check in mid-week at work to plan their weekend, while they're more likely to be out and about on Saturday and Sunday rather than online

Time of Day

People often check early in the day to catch the newest listings and plan their day - or in the evening to browse and discover new interesting events and brands.

Types of Events

In the industry the focus of events is still shifting stock - and the hottest way for brands to engage face to face with consumers is to host sample sales and in-store events. However there is a trend to a more diverse fashion scene, with the rise of fashion exhibitions and educational events. New York has more diversity in this sense than LA, but less than London.

Hottest Event Regions

The majority of fashion events in New York happen on the island of Manhattan, especially in the Garment District and Lower Manhattan. However there is an increasing trend to cross the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn and Williamsburg, particularly in venues like Industry City.

Fashion Events by Month

The fashion industry in New York has events all year round, but it's often quieter in January and late summer, and peaks towards Christmas.

Event Opening Day

Unlike in most other fashion cities, New York fashion event organisers tend to open their events mid-week, to catch people on their lunch break and after work. Sunday is the quietest day for event launches in the city.

New York Sample Sales in 2018

Hottest Sample Sale Regions

Although sample sales in New York can happen anywhere on Manhattan and Brooklyn, a huge number of them are focussed around The Garment District and Lower Manhattan - particularly with 260 Sample Sale's prime Fifth Avenue location and Soiffer Haskin both based near the Garment District.

Fashion Sample Sales by Month

Sample sales happen in New York all year round but are mostly focussed on two key seasons - Spring and Winter. The Spring scene in New York is mostly March to June, and the Winter season is distinctly November and December for holiday gifting.

Top Fashion Sample Sales in 2018

These New York sample sales were the most popular on Chicmi in 2018.

# Event Change
1 Marchesa Sample & Stock Sale (May 2018)
2 Barry's Bootcamp Sample Sale (Nov 2018)
3 Robert Marc Warehouse Sale (Oct 2018)
4 alice + olivia Sample Sale (Dec 2018)
5 La Perla Sample Sale (Feb 2018)
6 Vintage Designer Accessories Sample Sale (Nov 2018)
7 Shelly & Renee Designer Blow Out Sale (Mar 2018)
8 J. Mendel Super Sale (May 2018)
9 United Nude Pop Up Sample Sale (May 2018 - Dec 2018)
10 Couture Designer Sale (May 2018)
11 Misahara Sample Sale (Sep 2018 - Oct 2018)
12 Elie Tahari Sample Sale (Jun 2018)
13 Fred Gelb Furs Inventory Clearance (Dec 2018)
14 Fred Gelb Furs Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
15 Global Fashions Sample Sale (Mar 2018)
16 Armarium Sample Sale (Sep 2018)
17 Bitta Design Group Fine Jewelry Sale (Apr 2018)
18 Blue Duck Shearling Showroom Sale (Dec 2018)
19 Belle Fare Sample Sale (Oct 2018)
20 Felice Dee Eyewear Friends & Family Sale (Oct 2018)
Most popular sample sale brands 

Top Fashion Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of New York sample sales they were involved in.

# Brand Change
1 Marchesa 3
2 Barry's Bootcamp 1002
3 Robert Marc 985
4 alice + olivia 123
5 J. Mendel 79
6 La Perla 67
7 Fred Gelb
8 United Nude
9 Elie Tahari 81
10 Misahara 915
11 Mi Jong Lee 1
12 Blue Duck 567
13 Bitta Design Group 263
14 Gail Labelle 202
15 Armarium 588
16 Kal Rieman 103
17 Belle Fare 582
18 Cienne
19 Felice Dee Eyewear
20 Nanette Lepore 160
Most active sample sale brands 

Most Active Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were involved in the most fashion sample sales in New York in 2018.

# Brand Change
1 John Paul Ataker 7
2 Samantha Pleet 3
3 Inhabit 137
4 Willa Han
5 WILT 113
6 In God We Trust 78
7 Theory 11
8 Elizabeth Gillett 17
9 Lilla P 187
10 Butter Shoes 352
11 Samuji 61
12 Nanette Lepore 41
13 Karen Millen 42
14 Dusen Dusen 1
15 Gray Matters 82
16 Ilana Kohn 31
18 Gail Labelle 478
19 Something Bleu
20 Alice Yim
Most popular sample sale venues  Most active sample sale venues 

New York Fashion Exhibitions in 2018

Fashion exhibitions by month 

Fashion Exhibitions by Month

How many fashion exhibitions happened each month in New York in 2018?

Most popular fashion exhibitions 

New York Fashion Shopping Events in 2018

Shopping events by month 

Shopping Events by Month

How many fashion shopping events happened each month in New York in 2018?

Most popular fashion shopping events  Most popular shopping event brands 

Top Shopping Event Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of New York shopping events they were involved in.

# Brand Change
1 Jill Stuart 3
2 Stoll America 186
4 Lord & Taylor 29
5 Levi's 155
8 The Face New York
9 Modern Vice
10 The Style Theory Collective 17
11 A. Human
12 Century 21
13 Eleven Six 111
15 Luxury Garage Sale
16 337 BRAND
17 Christian Siriano
18 Kate Stoltz NYC
19 M.PATMOS 18
20 In Support Of 301
Most popular shopping event venues 

New York Bridal Sales in 2018

Bridal sales by month 

Bridal Sales by Month

How many bridal sales happened each month in New York in 2018?

Most popular bridal sales  Most popular bridal sale brands 

Top Bridal Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of New York bridal sales that they were involved in.

# Brand Change
1 Paula Varsalona 11
2 Lakum
3 Alexandra Grecco
4 Yumi Katsura 25
5 Simone Carvalli 19
6 JLM Couture
7 Sachin & Babi
8 Modern Trousseau
9 Victor Harper
10 Henry Roth 3
11 Michelle Roth 3
12 Saks Fifth Avenue
13 Gilt
14 Houghton
15 Samantha Sleeper 12
16 Sareh Nouri
17 Vera Wang 10
18 Ines Di Santo 18
19 Pronovias 3
20 Justin Alexander 15
Most popular bridal sale venues 

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