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Well then, I’m coming back again, with cash in hand! Hopefully there will be smaller and regular sizes and accessories. The accessories were awesome last time! I haven’t even unpacked all the wonderful things I bought and I’m coming back for more. I’m doing a fashion show of changes this Halloween! 🎃 👻 🎃 Thank you Sylvia!
It was FANTASTIC!!!! Everything and I mean EVERY THING was $5 and under. I got a costume I wanted that was still on the site for $60 for $5..FIVE DOLLARS🤪🤩🥳 I actually got the costume that is in the main picture above for $5, and was feeling kind of baller so I bought one for my bestie as well. Parking was no problem as it was plenty of street parking. They had multiples of the costumes and the other shoppers were very courteous to each other. I believe they are restocking tomorrow. The warehouse is full of costumes in every size including little girl sizes to plus sizes, and there were 2 racks of men’s costumes. All the costumes were in fantastic shape and I saw no damages, and they all came with the accessories attached to them if it went to the costumes and those two were in perfect condition! Sylvia was the BEST she was patient enough for me to run to the bank because I looked over the fact that it was cash only so she was kind enough to hold my bag until I could race to the bank. Now that is A plus 5 star customer service. THANK YOU SYLVIA! I’m looking at all my stuff and feeling kind of cute, might go back tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♀️💅🏾😆😆😆
Hi Erich! Would you mind posting today’s sale price since it’s the final day? What are the buy 3 or more prices?
Hi undialog! Hope this helps, it's a picture of all the prices and thanks for the nice compliment! I hope you find some wonderful things!😘😙
Sweetie it was one dresses per garment bag as they were evening gowns that had beading and needed their own bags so they wouldn’t get damaged. So if seven dresses are ridiculous for you when it’s sample sale pricing, then you either can’t afford 7 dresses at $40 a pop, or you can’t fit in them, or you socially don’t have anywhere to wear them so for you there’s no need. Someone else bought 5, so I don’t see a problem. 7 is not an issue when other people bought 50 to 200 hundred. Their money they can spend it however they like, I’m just letting people know the resellers are really on this sale, what they have, how much it is, and when they said they were restocking. Either way my comment left you bothered. I’m happy. May other nicer buyers find them 7 dresses as well. 🥰

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