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Handcrafted jewelry and accessories manufacturer in wholesale and retail grounds.


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Pricing: 1/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

Being on chicmi not so long however been in fashion for quite some time now ,Time enough to know i would use this fabulous site where so much is taking Place to promote an actual sale ! this was no sale where people can get a nice fair bargain feel good about their money spending, and indulge on their purchase.
Pricing: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Andre the owner of Landeros I met today.After having a look and puting on the side a few of his pieces what I saw is this! Extraordinary Craftsmanship, superb quality and friendliness not to mention.Grab his pieces while he is still close to us .Soon it will not be so easy .Ev...
Pricing: 4/5
Quality of Stock: 4/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Lots of sizes and some recent collection items which as allways if you you keep your self a little busy keeping up with the designers you ship you are surely to dig out some nice ce finds however funding your Diamond in the rouph is another story! Ask me How .Ev...l
Greeting everyone here a thought! as far as the quality and price point when it comes down to Eye or Sun glasses is concerned in my new there are 2 kind of Buyers ! The ones who don't care what they spent as long as what they are Looking at Bling's! Those ones will Pay whatever more than like because $ is no object.And the ones who seek on the web for styles, designs and Pricing, Those will carefully examine ,evaluate make a calculated decision and then present their credit card ! Ev...
If you went the first day I am sure you got the best of what they had to offer ! even if you will spent a few bucks more you will get some of their nice ones as I Did! , they filed again for bankruptcy? Sad to hear from another chicmi commentary the history of this brand is one to be loved. Tomorrow however will be the day to get whatever is left at a hell of a bargain, but don't be to picky as I am sure you will still get some great bargains! Ev...

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