Share Videos to Win!

Post videos from the Pritch London Sample Sale:

  • The best will win $20 as a thank you (via PayPal)!
  • We'll post our faves on our IG and Tiktok accounts and tag you, to help you grow your followers!
  • We'll announce winners to 1.5 million Chicmi users in our daily and weekly emails!

How to make great videos - no need to show your face:

  • The more videos you upload, the more chances to win
  • Line reports (video what it looks like outside the venue)
  • Pricing reports (talk through price ranges while videoing)
  • Inside shots from the sale (show the products)
  • What you bought at the sale (if your bought something, share your excitement!)

Simply post videos in the sale comments section to win - we'll pick the winners after the sale ends and let you know if you're the lucky one!