2018 Los Angeles Fashion Event Trends

Note: Because you are looking at the current year, all data is year-to-date. We update the data once every month.

Gender Interest

As you'd expect the fashion industry is dominated by female consumers. However men are becoming more involved in this category.

Age Interest

The majority of people looking at the site are interested in sample sales, which explains why the most prominent age group is 25 to 34. The younger generation are looking for new, hip and cult brands with low price points, the older generations look for more established brands, social events, exhibitions, education and networking.

Geographic Interest

Most of the visitors to LA events are in the USA. However there is a healthy interest from countries closely connected to the USA like Canada and Europe, and even further afield from people in countries like Japan and China, who research fashion events before they travel to the city.

Day of Week

Unlike New York and London, LA's fashionistas browse for fashion events distinctly on a Friday to check what's happening at the fashion markets and to plan their weekend.

Time of Day

People often check early in the day to catch the newest listings and plan their day - or in the evening to browse and discover new interesting events and brands.

Types of Events

In the industry the focus of events is still shifting stock - and the hottest way for brands to engage face to face with consumers is to host sample sales and in-store events. However there is a trend to a more diverse fashion scene, with the rise of fashion exhibitions and educational events.

Hottest Event Regions

The fashion scene in LA is remarkably spread out - with events happening anywhere from Costa Mesa to Pasadena. However the regular events are often focussed around the fashion markets of DTLA.

Fashion Events by Month

The fashion industry in Los Angeles has events all year round, but it's often quieter in January and late summer, and peaks towards Christmas.

Event Opening Day

Unlike New York, Los Angeles fashion events tend to focus on weekend openings - and it's exceptionally rare for events to open midweek in the city.

Los Angeles Sample Sales in 2018

Hottest Sample Sale Regions

While the LA fashion scene is spread out across Orange County, the majority of the sample sales happen in DTLA in the Markets, particularly in the California Market Center, Cooper Design Space and New Mart, who all open their doors on the last Friday of each month for group sample sales.

Fashion Sample Sales by Month

Sample sales happen in LA all year round but unlike other fashion cities there's less of a pronounced Spring season in the city, with the vast majority of sample sales launching around the holiday gifting season in November and December.

Top Fashion Sample Sales in 2018

These Los Angeles sample sales were the most popular on Chicmi in 2018.

# Event Change
1 Eberjey + NEST Fragrances Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
2 FEIT x The Arrivals Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
3 Vivienne Westwood Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
4 Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
5 Designer Denim Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
6 Brandy Melville Warehouse Sale (Jan 2018)
7 MATE Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
8 PANSY and NU SWIM Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
9 Cashmere Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
10 Profusion & Friends Beauty & Style Blowout Sale (Jan 2018)
11 The Arrivals Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
12 Calleen Cordero Warehouse Sale (Jan 2018)
13 The Stylist LA Semi-Annual Sale (Jan 2018)
14 Cason Couture Warehouse Sale (Jan 2018)
15 Halston Heritage Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
16 A. Marie Jewelry Sample Sale Shopping Event (Jan 2018)
17 Circus Royalty Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
18 johnnie-O Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
19 Reformation Sample Sale (Jan 2018)
20 The Runway Outlet's Annual Winter Blowout Sale (Jan 2018)
Most popular sample sale brands 

Top Fashion Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were the most popular in 2018, based on the popularity of Los Angeles sample sales they were involved in.

# Brand Change
2 Eberjey
3 The Arrivals
5 Vivienne Westwood
6 Zadig & Voltaire 21
7 Brandy Melville 228
8 MATE 467
11 Harden
12 V by Vye 481
13 Smoko
14 ZOOSHOO 196
15 Profusion 599
16 Calleen Cordero 583
17 Ximena Valero 128
18 The Stylist LA 358
19 Bettinis 237
20 C/MEO Collective 90
Most active sample sale brands 

Most Active Sample Sale Brands in 2018

These brands were involved in the most fashion sample sales in Los Angeles in 2018.

# Brand Change
1 Zadig & Voltaire 206
2 The Arrivals
3 Ximena Valero 25
4 J. Hannah 205
5 The Stylist LA 252
6 VidaKush 5
7 Keepsake 28
8 Brandy Melville 632
9 Marais 311
10 Reformation 170
11 The Dreslyn 251
12 Elektrix Love
13 LOQ 182
14 Conal Footwear
15 Stevie May
16 C/MEO Collective 116
18 Three Dots 14
19 Daniel Patrick 363
20 Pari Desai 70
Most popular sample sale venues  Most active sample sale venues 

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