Broken English

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Broken English is synonymous with the laid-back luxury that defines how women wear their jewelry today. Established in 2006 by owner Laura Freedman, the brand's three boutiques offer its faithful clientele a thoughtfully curated mix of contemporary and vintage jewelry in effortlessly chic, intimate surroundings. It didn't take long for the original boutique, which opened in Los Angeles’ California-luxe Brentwood Country Mart, to establish a faithful following among discerning shoppers who appreciated its welcoming, no-pressure environment and unparalleled selection of designers. Among luxurious, carefully considered surroundings, Broken English showcases jewels that both set trends and reach far beyond them. Whether it be delicate, everyday pieces by Los Angeles' hottest designers, Anita Ko, Jennifer Meyer and Jacquie Aiche, or bold statement jewels from Atelier Zobel, Broken English has something for every woman and every occasion.

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