The most powerful social platform for fashion overstock and samples strategy. We help you achieve your sustainability goals whilst improving engagement with potential shoppers

What do we do?

We make it easy for fashion brands to sell their overstock and fashion samples and market it to a passionate community of fashion lovers. This is done through both online and in-person fashion sale events and showcases in major fashion cities. This allows for exceptional customer relevance all while gathering valuable customer data and analytics.
We optimized the user experience by creating the first fashion focused social network - a place where fashion lovers engage with one another and are able to create their own fashion communities. The direct participation within, and observation of, the wider CHICMI community allows us to provide real-time insights into customers behaviour to help your brand grow. Our technology empowers you to reach the right people in the right environments to ensure high-quality engagement and conversion rate.

How we do it

We have the ability to integrate with most major shipping and stock systems, such as


. We provide you with a private dashboard to give you control of your sales and access to sale performance.
We are also capable of providing a full end-to-end experience, handling all order processing and quality control and even taking care of packing and packaging through our network of fulfilment centres.

Why CHICMI is the best

We have the technology of know-how to build an engaging social network which provides strong engagement and potential upsales to help brands shift stock and grow their fan base.
We have a diverse team of experts in tech, fashion, design, and customer service, that enable us to deliver exceptional results for the brands we work with. We have the technology, experience and data that can only come from running thousands of campaigns.

Great value for brands


Brand partners across Europe and the USA

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568% ROI

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Our story

Our story

In 2015, the idea to make fashion accessible and sustainable was conceived. Historically, the heights of fashion could only be accessed by the privileged few, and the desire for expansion took over. This resulted in the industry becoming one of the biggest polluters in our world. CHICMI discovered the power of circular fashion - a world where fashion is accessible and sustainable.
We started with promoting in-person sale events for fashion brands and soon became the go to place for fashion events marketing. As the CHICMI community grew, the platform naturally transformed into a social network where fashionistas built friendships, enjoyed fashion together, and ultimately played their part in putting fashion on a more sustainable path.
Now, CHICMI promotes both online and in-person fashion events for over 10,000 brands and has become a unique hybrid social network where consumers and brands share, shop, discover, do good and enjoy everything about fashion in one place!

Our vision

Our vision

Co-Founder and CEO of CHICMI, Aowen Jin, is passionate about creativity and the future of fashion.
After consulting for top luxury brands such as Prada, Chopard, and Gucci, she set up CHICMI to bring people who love creativity together in order to deliver real positive change in the fashion industry.
For her, everyone is a hero of their own story! Whether you are a fashion lover, a designer or a team member, Aowen wants to build a positive social network where everyone is a hero and helps make the world a better place!

Our values


Everything comes from the heart! We care for each user, brand and team member. We believe that through love we can achieve our goals together!


We share knowledge, kindness and happiness to build a positive social network where everyone is valued

Be kind

We believe in the best of human nature and we want to bring out the best of us when we work, fill our heart with compassion and kindness!

Our Team

We are a team who are passionate about creativity and life!

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