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Beautiful high res photos without text on help us get the word out. Lookbook images, campaign photos or lifestyle imagery work best!

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If you've got questions or special requirements, contact us at team@chicmi.com. We're keen to help!

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RSVP or Ticketing

If your event is free entry and people don't need to book to attend, you can leave this field blank.

If you'd like to collect RSVPs or for customers to book an appointment then let us know. Either we can collect RSVPs on-site and you can see the guest list online - or we can give customers an email address, telephone number or web link to use to RSVP with you directly.

Similarly if you'd like to sell tickets, let us know. We can sell tickets directly on the site - or we can give customers a web link where they can buy tickets.

Limited Release Events

Want to keep your event a little under the radar, but still want to attract attendees? We can list it on Chicmi and make it only visible to our logged in users and in our mail alerts.

These limited release events won't be visible on our public site, won't be found in search engines and won't be shared on social media.

Chicmi VIPs

In each city Chicmi has a network of VIPs. These are either influencers we've selected to work with or our paying VIP subscribers - who love to spend!

We can create events that are only visible to logged in VIPs and send them an invite by email. We can also offer VIPs extra discounts, gifts with purchase or other incentives to encourage them to attend.

If you have questions or suggestions for VIP events please contact the VIP team.