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London is always overflowing with countless pop-ups, shows, and exhibitions. Just like that, this week is also full of incredible sights to see and places to come by. What fashion events in London would you visit?

We can't ignore The Cirkel x The Sustainable Marketplace pop-up opened from March 30th to March 31st! Just for two days, these amazing dealers prepared hundreds of designer and high-end pieces for their customers. With more than 600 brands, it’s deemed to be one of the biggest London fashion events at the end of March. BEEN London, LOANHOOD, Narchie, NecessaryGood, and Stripe & Stare are on the list of big names at the exclusive pop-up!

Some fashion events in London are coming to an end. For example, Beguiling Beni: Safflower Red in Japanese Fashion exhibition is closing on March 31st. So, if you still haven’t learned about the Japanese dye ‘beni’, don’t miss out! Visitors will find out how exactly the dye was created, where it was used, and its influence on fashion. “Heelless shoes are very interesting. We saw similar ones in Giuseppe Zanotti’s collection and Lady Gaga wore them for a while. It is a small but informative exhibition,” wrote @Aida84, who had a chance to visit a few London fashion events already.

Thankfully, V&A Africa Fashion is still ongoing. Open through April 17th, this exhibition is focusing on African Fashion from the mid-20th century to contemporary creatives. Photographs, textiles, music, and the visual arts are all used to showcase the incredible impact it made on the fashion scene and fashion events in London, in particular.

At least one of these events is worth including in your itinerary. Let us know your choice in the comments!

Published 27th March 2023

London Fashion Events

This is the world's most diverse fashion city, and the London fashion events scene is equally vibrant.

Whether you're looking for luxury, a bargain, or to be inspired, there's always something happening in the London fashion events calendar. Bargain hunters may like to check out London's always-on sample sale scene, which peaks in Spring and Autumn, but which is active all year round. You'll find amazing sample sales from luxury brands, alongside collective or individual sales from independent and emerging designers - which are an amazing way to discover trends before they hit the high street. Alternatively you could head to one of London's many vintage sales or kilo sales, which are the perfect place to snap up large amounts of clothes very cheaply.

Those looking for luxury should keep an eye on London's social fashion events and parties, which range from the hip to the stylish, and can spring up at any time. Alternatively check out the many luxury shopping events happening at department stores like Harrods, Liberty or Selfridges, where you'll often have the opportunity to see new collections first, or to hang out with the fashion designers themselves. These most commonly happen around new seasons in the London fashion calendar, in Spring and Autumn.

For people looking for inspiration, London's fashion events scene is never short of beautiful fashion-related exhibitions, talks or lectures. Venues like the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Fashion & Textiles Museum or London College of Fashion's Fashion Space Gallery always have a full diary of fascinating fashion displays and designer retrospectives, and frequently have a fascinating programme of talks and events to run alongside the shows themselves.

Of course, running alongside all of this, the London fashion events calendar is packed with events suitable for fashion professionals and trade. Look out for London's top fashion tradeshows, but also panels and discussions to help you build the most out of a career in fashion.