Dauphines of New York Luxury Hair Accessories

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Adorn your hair, and turn heads with Dauphines Luxury Hair Accessories. A perfect finishing touch to your signature look. Designed in downtown NYC, Dauphines of New York Designer Hair Accessories are favored by Today's Trendsetting Modern Women, the Style Icons of Tomorrow. The collection includes a full range of designer Hair Accessories, including solid headbands, soft wraps and turbans, bobby pins, barrettes, scrunchies, pony tail elastics, hair ties, pony barrettes, hair pins, tiaras and crowns, plus adjustable elastic headbands (adjustable band provides tailored comfort of fit while presenting multiple ways to wear/instant hairstyle). Styles utilize the finest of materials, ranging from elaborate hand embroidery to eye-catching fabrics (including silks, satins, brocades, tulle, cottons, and seersucker), sparkling crystals and rhinestones, semiprecious gemstones, finished with 18K Gold, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Silver Plating. Available at the finest of retailers worldwide.

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