Ike Behar

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With the help of his wife Regina and their three sons, Steven, Alan and Lawrence, Ike Behar began manufacturing shirts in Miami, under his own private label. In March of 1983, Menswear magazine called this new, up-and-coming brand the industry's "well-kept secret," but before the season ended the secret was out.
Since, Ike Behar's product line has expanded beyond dress shirts to include sport shirts, ties, sport coats, suits, handkerchiefs, underwear and more. Although the business has grown tremendously since its inception, our firm commitment to quality and attention to detail have persisted. To this day, every product bearing the Ike Behar label is created by experienced craftsmen. We continue to use the diamond-quilted collar, single-needle stitching techniques, and luxurious high thread-count fabrics that earned our company it's reputation for excellence.
Currently, Ike Behar's three sons run the company's operations; though, Ike remains actively involved in the business. It is this family atmosphere that has enabled the Ike Behar reputation to endure for half a century. The Behar's truly pour their hearts into the company. As a result, everyone who works at Ike Behar shares the family's energy, enthusiasm and commitment. The prevailing attitude throughout the company is that with continued hard work and dedication to our founding principles Ike Behar will continue to set the industry standard for craftsmanship, quality, elegance, and style for many years to come.
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