Kites & Bites

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"The world is to be explored, rules to be broken, fashion to be played with."
Alexandra U. - Founder

We side with style over fashion. We enjoy telling stories with our clothes. We don’t believe in being overdressed. We love details and clothes no one has. We think fashion rules are overrated. We don’t spend a fortune to look great. We adore confident women. We see size as just a number. We’re working towards being the most inclusive unique brand on Earth. And maybe on other planets...

The eclectic womenswear brand KITES AND BITES was born as a manifestation of rebellion against fast fashion, cheap-looking clothes and all the tedious trends worn for a short period of time by nearly everyone. We call it the uniform syndrome and we fight against it. Isn’t the world tired of basic looks and uninspiring clothes? We know we are. Therefore, we created KITES AND BITES, a designer fashion brand minus the luxury price point.

KITES AND BITES was born in multicultural London and has been inspired by its vibe ever since. The brand keeps diversity at the core, experimenting with rich colour patterns, lavish fabrics, artisanal embroideries and other eye-catching details.

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