Tabula Rasa

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Borrowed from the Latin phrase for “blank slate,” Tabula Rasa is founded on the philosophy that any space we inhabit can become a personalized retreat of comfort, creativity and style.

Created by Emily Diamandis in 2013, the luxury lifestyle label offers ready-to-wear and home accessories inspired by her passion for the well-traveled life and informed by her technical design expertise. Tabula Rasa celebrates both contemporary and traditional craftsmanship; knits exude textural complexity through the layering of advanced techniques, and intricate stitches reference century-old fabrics sourced from around the globe.

Each distinct garment is designed in a 2-step process whereby a textile is artfully created by hand from novelty yarns and tapes before it is constructed into a final silhouette.Each collection presents an eclectic take on modern knitwear, from oversized sweaters to body- skimming dresses.

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