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Does anyone have any info on this? The link provided just links to a random page on their website which is a video (nothing in it about the event) I have literally no idea and am not sure who exactly it's aimed (eg budget, high income or premium) at or what it's about as the blurb is quite general.
TBH I think it was only very last minute for them too- either that or they didn't let their customers know until a day or two beforehand. Could be for any reason I guess.
I agree prices are too high- I'd say about 50% too high....I always see so much stock each time I go (maybe every other year or every year if I can make it) and I see the same sorts of things, and the same prices. I can't help but wonder if they realise that they have so much and if they just cut the prices- I could understand things being so high if they were current season, but fact is it's not even that far off it's end of season sale price.

I hope they do drop prices for the next one but know from previous experience that- unless things have changed (and I can't think why they would if they have not before) those hoping to show an hour before it ends- the prices wont drop further, they wont haggle on anything damaged and it's exactly the same as the first day only staff are more frazzled and just want to go home.

It's a shame, there really is so much there and so many people go. They're missing the chance to make it seem like it's worthwhile to go.
I went yesterday evening, saw zero when I was there, if there were none today (by the look of others comments...) either they are keeping them for another day (more stuff added daily apparently) or they don't have many/any. I don't think they do generally though, I've been to a few of these before.
It's in the middle of the square, same venue as before and most Truman sample sales, huge sign outside the front. As a local shop for the Truman Brewery entrance because it's like a key building and they'll know!

If you look for the trendy looking cafes and etc it's round the corner

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