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HI The Box,
please advise if there will be any bags and accessories tomorrow ?
Will you be replenishing before you open up?

Thank you
Purchase Policy - Just a quick note to say to all who are going, you can only buy 1 bag or pouch, per person, so don't go wanting to buy lots at this sale.
I think it's a good idea to restrict people, but perhaps one could be allowed to buy 2 or 3 bag / purse / pouch items. Especially if you are wanting to buy for family, or friends. Have been to many sales where there are people literally buying everything and thought that unfair, certainly if there was limited stock. This perhaps feels a little the other way. But you decide. That's just my view.

Pricing - I would say, that it is more like a sale, a 70% off sale, rather than a sample sale. A lot of the items are still quite pricey. But of course it is a more expensive brand.

NB - You are not allowed to try on any clothes, unless you can do so over the clothes you have on. So jackets I imagine are fine.
It's quite difficult to purchase clothes without trying on, especially as, of course, there is no returns policy.

HI there all .. if anyone is there and has some time to take some pics and post some info on pricing.

thank you
No new delivery.
So if you were there yesterday, then its the same stock.
: )
Lots and lots to be had.
great presents for everyone.
scarfs, wallets, socks, watches, glasses... i think i bought them all.
thank you

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