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I attended yesterday at an extra 20% off. Some nice Joseph clothes and accessories. The designer range was more limited than previous sales and the shoes selection was also on the light side. I purchased a Joseph leather midi skirt and a Joseph jumper.
It’s a good sample sale. The only thing is the prices have been clearly marked up (significantly) from the last sample sale (Music Rooms - in January). So depending on the individual it may be best to attend with that in mind. Great staff as always.
It ranges per designer - Joseph dresses were max £150, designer dresses were between £250 -£500+ they had numerous designers and the pricing varied. Sorry I can’t be more specific, it’s worth seeing yourself to get more accurate pricing!
Hi, second one in the door this morning- freezing! I went straight to the shoes - Aquazzura Shiva heels at £200 and Alaia Bombe heels in suede grey -£180. The usual Joseph jumpers, skirts and dresses - loads of them. I noted that a few were repeat items from previous sample sales at a marked up price. Nice selection of wool coats, leather skirts, trousers and jackets. A good mix of designer items too! There was no queue for paying, and all staff were very nice. When I visited Amex was not working!
This!!! I agree with all your points. One of the most disappointing sample sales I have ever attended. I attended this one over the summer and was so disappointed. I had hoped that it wouldn’t be a rehash but I’m sad that’s the case. I really wish they would understand the fundamentals of a successful sample sale.

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