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Someone from Chicmi can also chime in to confirm but in the past they have been US...I find they run a little big so I size down one size...but it’s always a coin toss when you cannot try on or return
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 2/5
Friendliness: N/A (online)
Overall Rating: 2/5

PS is typically one of the best men’s sales of the year so this was a letdown given the limited variety of stock...but it was as advertised...very limited ready to wear and men’s focused. Don’t get me wrong, I still picked up a handful of great items but the range of options was a fraction of past PS sales. At 80% off pricing was excellent and the online checkout process was extremely easy. Fingers crossed future sales are back to the golden age being men’s, women’s, furniture, coffee table books, misc. home, etc. Typically PS has early access for VIPs so that would be nice for future PS sales as well.
It says the sale is ‘On Now’ but there is no link nor time stated on when it starts. Is it just on their website? Please advise, thanks
Ok, it’s bordering on addiction now...went back a third time but this time for accessories for gifts. Still good stuff for stocking stuffers...$21 cuff links (retail $125-$150), $42 wallet/card holders (retail $150), $12 socks (retail $30). Sweaters all but picked over but plenty of long sleeve shirts and sport coats in all sizes...handful of shoes (sneakers and dress) too but appeared to be small and large (size 7 and 10+) and not much in between. I admit I left with a couple of thing for myself, how could I not?
Pricing: 4/5
Quality of Stock: 4/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Another great PS sale for men! Friendly well-organized staff, they did a great job managing the line, room never felt too packed and thankfully didn’t notice any hoarders. To put pricing in perspective...I picked up 9 items (jacket, sweaters, polos, waistcoat, dress shirt) and the total with tax was a fraction of the retail price of the jacket...so overall sale prices were good, PS is just a pricey brand. I would have liked to have seen a better selection of larger bags (no weekend/holdall) and even on sale a toiletry bag for $75 is too much. Nevertheless, I left a happy well dressed man.

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