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Chijioke--Sorry to hear that you were not able to get to the Thaddeus Big and Tall Sample Sale. You do not mention the date or time or address you attempted to go to for the sale. We are very clear with our dates, times and address. Every day and time that has ever been posted on CHICMI, we have been open and received multiple pleased customers, many of whom have left very favorable comments on this site.

The fact that you could not even get into the building you went to tells us something was wrong with your address or day or time. That building is open during business hours Monday to Friday, except National Holidays, whether we are having a sample sale or not. There is also doorman in the lobby who is aware of our sales and is very helpful to our customers. We wonder if you went to the wrong address or on a weekend or evening. If you could not even get into the building you must have been at the wrong address or were at a time other than what we and CHICMI posted.

Our Sample Sale is over for the season. We are sorry you missed it.

We would also like to thank CHICMI, and especially Pollyanna, for the kind and efficient way that they have assisted us with getting out the information on our sales. Many new customers found us and were very pleased with the results. Many have returned several times.

Thanks and best regards, The Thaddeus and TADD Team
Thanks, Susan, for your kind comments and endorsement. It is a pleasure when you come to the sale. I hope your husband and sons enjoy their holiday presents.
Sale is open Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12 and 13, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm each day.
Hi Susanโ€”Sorry, no cashmere or wool sweaters or tops. Everything is all cotton or cotton/spandex. We have both short sleeves and long sleeves. Walk shorts and pants. Some cotton knit jackets. Small to XXL, and we added Big and Tall sizes this time. Hope that helps. Warm regards, John

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