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Mostly long gowns - high-end designers with prices from $250 - 900; The sizes, of course, on the small side - 2-4-6; some accessories , belts @ 100+
Saw 2 mannequins - I think , those were 50/each and 2 glass desks - I think, 150/each.
Not sure if they have restocked, but I was there around 6:30 pm and there were tons of things - shoes, boots, pumps - both HL and THEORY. Pricing was truly rockbottom @ 30 for Theory and 50 for HL.
There was no line to get in, but check-out line had about 30-40 ppl. Not one person left empty-handed.
So, the verdict - though, other shoppers' comments are truly valuable, sometimes, it pays to follow your 'gut' feeling :-)
Great sale - even after 6:00 pm. No ppl at all. Got a few items - comes to over 90% off. Amazing girl working there - very helpful and pleasant. Got some inside info from fer - since there are still many items left, there will be another 'blowout' at some point , so space can be cleared for the new collection.
Nice, very affordable things - various seasons and styles (think pants, dresses, jackets, a few scarves).
A lot of gauze (for the next sunny vacation). Sizes are mixed in - there are definitely some interesting items. No digging is needed - everything is hanging and arranged by price points. There is also buy more , save more concept as in (1 @ 5.00, but 5 pieces from the same rack are 20.00). There is also a small table of various rings, necklaces, etc. 1 for $5.00 and 3 for $10.00 - makes a great stocking stuffer.
SO far, CASH only. One of the European brand is PAUSE CAFE - think along the lines of 'SAVE THE QUEEN', but the fraction of the STQ prices. There were dresses, jackets, skirts, pants - all at incredible prices. Great for x-seasons.
Also, the nicest, helpful staff .
This is also the same showroom to host plus sizes - not sure of the prices, though.
VERDICT - Definitely worth to stop by
Very well-made shirts, tops, shorts and pants; (there were a few jackets, but XXL or larger). Great colors - not too flashy, but perfect for daily wear, weekend wear, vacation ; Even though, the Fall is in, you really should not miss this opportunity to stock up on these pieces. BTW, the long-sleeve shirts and sweaters are perfect for x-seasons. The showroom is small, but there is plenty of items (no digging is necessary) - no fitting room, but the nicest man working there lets you have the keys to the WC, so you can try before you buy. :)
The best deal is : each piece is only 10, but you can get 6 for 50. This, my fellow sample sale comrades, is a no brainer.

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