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The 2017 Liberty Sample Sale Price List.
If you think the Liberty Sample Sale will be the same as 2017, then don't bother going, the starting price is £10 for a Candle!!!

I queue this morning, as I missed the last sale. My fingers was at the ready for tickets slot - then the system crashed. I refreshed the page every minute only for the tickets to sell-out how.

Now this morning there is a queue of over 100 people, waiting with their list(s) of what to get the family for Christmas (based on the 2017 prices) to be disappointed, bags on the table for £180 but online for cheaper - seriously, Liberty why?

Kaftans from £595 to £175/£190, silk tops £90, and shorts to match £70. silk scarves from £20. People are shocked at the prices but with that thinking I waited this long, I must come out with something. I happily skipped outside, without buying a thing. This is 2020 due to Covid - alot of people have lost jobs, money worries or short budget. Liberty should have come with the same prices as 2017 - giving us a happy shopping experience. Save you monies, let see where these companies will be in the New Year, When they need our custom.
I'm a member of Showcase.co Sample sales, can I attend the Sample sale tomorrow, even though the slots are fully booked and tomorrow is the only day i'm able to attend?
@Iman you must be of the few who had a "great experience" for the 1st timers that was not the case. The dresses you seem to come for where on the smaller side. Yes the staff where fine, but some let their fingers overcharged some customers which is NOT acceptable. Sample sale and old stock (which most were) should be as the prices of last year and NOT hike up to 30% or more, especially when some of us come with a budget for Christmas prezzie now can't afford the new prices. Evening dresses that was £50 last year is £110 (no matter the length) this is not fair or reasonable for old stock or sample that would never reach the shops. Tags showing Sale £19 hike to £30 you think is ok. We all know Clothes bought today is of no value tomorrow (unless you buy on ebay/car boot sale). All we are asking is TB be fair to all, not to the ones who can afford the new prices but to the ones who can't.
Why has TB hike up their prices? Is it because they want fewer people to come, as to not run out of stock like last year or was it that TB made a profit loss in sales this year? I wanted to come and buy a few pressies for Christmas umbrellas was £5 (last year) but a eyewatering £15 (this year), Men's suits was £90 (last year) but have jumped to £170 (this year). Also is it worth coming on the last day for a 50% reduction which will equates to full prices on the first day of the sale? Best to check if it still worth coming by comparing to prices list from last year and this year.

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