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Hi Rita,
We're so sorry you're missing money from your bag. As a valued long time customer of Amuze we would definitely not want you to have a negative experience. We are doing our due diligence to investigate this claim and someone will be in touch with you!
We're so sorry that this is inconvenient. Unfortunately during the sale it was not possible to get to the boxes. We are also offering to ship the boxes to anyone who would like at a small fee just to cover the shipping costs. If that is more convenient for you simply reach out to us at support@amuze.com
Hi Maya,

My name is Jonathan Chesner and I am the owner of Amuze. I personally do all of the purchasing for Amuze, and I personally guarantee that everything we sell is 100% authentic. I only will purchase directly from a company themselves, or from boutiques who are authorized sellers for the brands. Authenticity is my number one priority. I would even go as far as to say that my authenticity standards are so high, that it is most likely the highest authenticity standards for any company in the US selling discounted luxury products. We are not one of these shady companies selling off price designer goods and getting our product from shady wholesalers. We are a brand, who is focused on selling the most sought out luxury fashion with the highest authenticity standards, and provide the best pricing that we can offer.

So I just looked into your order that you placed on July 4, 2018, for the Valentino Medium Rockstud Bag in Black. I personally purchased this bag in Italy on one of my trips last year. There is no chance that this bag is counterfeit. We assured you through email that the bag is authentic, but you refused to believe that it is real. I also personally remember speaking with you on the phone about this as well. You told us that you have the same bag in a different color, and the lock is a bit different so it has to be a fake. And then you told us you took the bag to Valentino, and they confirmed it was fake. And than we asked you for some sort of proof that Valentino told you this, but you refused to send us the proof. You are also leaving out that even though the bag is authentic, we still took the bag back and refunded you.

Maya, I am sure you are a good person, and you may mean well, but I just want you to realize how serious the damage you cause Amuze by leaving the comment you just left. Hundreds, if not thousands of people read these comments. And now you just questioned our product to every single one of those people, who many of them are our existing customers, and many of them may stop shopping with us only because you for some reason had the idea stuck in your head that the bag was counterfeit, or you were misinformed by a Valentino sales associate that the bag was fake. The bag is 100% authentic, guaranteed. I can confidently write this in these comments, and if I still had the bag, I would confidently bring it into any Valentino boutique and tell them I sell this authentic bag on Amuze.com. I am not saying to not leave bad reviews when a company does wrong you. You even should write a bad review, to inform others about what they did to you if that is what you wish. But we did not wrong you. We sold you a great authentic product, at a great price, and we took the return back as well.

Regarding the BBB reviews, the BBB allows anyone to write whatever they want about a company, and then the company has to defend themselves. The BBB will not remove a review, even if you can prove the review was false. All we can do is respond to the reviews, but like I told the BBB, readers only read the negative reviews, while not reading companies responses to the reviews. If you search for most big companies, and look at their BBB reviews, they primarily will be negative reviews, because that is the nature of what you will find on review websites. We 100% do our best and will continue to do our best to offer incredible, authentic product at hard to find pricing, while providing the best customer service we can.

Again - what Celso is saying is accurate. Nothing is coming off the back of a truck, everything we purchase is thru legitimate channels. A lot of our items come from authorized sellers in Italy that are comparable to any high end department store in the USA. You are welcome to go get your bag authenticated.

Thanks Celso for sticking up for us :)! We work around the clock to bring our customers the best AUTHENTIC items at discounted prices!
We think it is ;). There is no line and a 10% price drop!

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