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Artists & Fleas is a marketplace of makers - tastemakers, experience creators, designers, collectors and curators. Together, this creative community of shoppers & sellers comes to discover and be discovered.

The modern shopping experience is one of isolation - click and deliver. From its inception, Artists & Fleas has and continues to be a conductor of human-to-human transaction - where stories are as plentiful as products and the thrill of discovery awaits.

Our marketplace is defined by the community of shoppers and sellers that champions self-expression. Independent makers thrive in a nurturing environment supported by consumers who shop locally. Conversations, connections and relationships unfold.

We are a place for artists, designers and vintage curators to find new homes for their creations and for shoppers to find themselves in the objects they discover.

Artists & Fleas is more than shopping. It’s a place to discover and be discovered.

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