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chaYkra is a wellness wear brand, ethically sourcing and producing natural yogawear & loungewear garments.
All our garments are ethically made with fair trade organic cotton. The premise is to bring a more mindful and sustainable consciousness to yoga fashion buying behaviour. The material is very breathable due to the natural fabric composition.
The designs are 'Brindian' to reflect the sister founders' own British Indian identities, incorporating colourful patterns.

- Clothes are optimal for yoga practice / lounging due to their breathable natural organic cotton comfort.
- Style of the launch collection is 'Brindian', fusing British elegance with Indian flair, to create a unique East meets West style that represents the evolution of yoga.
- The name derives from the sanskrit word 'chakra', meaning the energy forces in the body and reflects how yoga balances vital energy flows. This is mirrored by signature designs such as the chakra energising swirl pattern.

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