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The New York sample sale scene is second-to-none, making it the best city on earth to find a fashion bargain. If you've seen Sex & The City, Confessions of a Shopaholic or The Devil Wears Prada, you'll know that the New York sample sale is an iconic part of the city's cultural fashion heritage - and a great place to find amazing brands at incredible prices!

What is a sample sale?

The seasonal and constantly changing world of fashion means that brands often have items left over from past seasons, runway shows or the design and production process that they've collected in their offices or warehouses. Sample sales are sales events - often held in dedicated showrooms or event spaces - where you can buy these items at a significant discount on their normal retail value. Many New York sample sales discount between 70% to even 90% off - and they are also sometimes called archive sales, private sales or warehouse sales.

New York sample sales are often an experience in themselves - popular sample sales will frequently have lines to enter, you might have to store your coat or bag in a coat check, and you will often be competing with other shoppers to find and buy the items you want before others do. You'll often find samples come in limited sizes, and you shouldn't expect the perks of full-price luxury clothes shopping - many places don't have changing rooms and you're not likely to get a personal shopper at a sample sale!

Items bought in a sample sale are usually sold as is, and you won't be able to return them - so check them thoroughly before you buy. Many sample sales in New York accept cash and card, but check before you go, as some will be cash only or card only.

Over the past few years, many brands have moved their New York sample sales online too - so that you can shop them from the comfort of your own home. We let you shop these online sample sales directly on Chicmi too!

What brands have sample sales in New York?

New York has one of the worlds most vibrant and eclectic fashion communities, and the New York sample sales match! You'll find sales ranging from luxury brands and high street labels through to independent and emerging brands. The sample sales for luxury and high street brands are often quite practical affairs where you are there to grab a bargain as quickly as possible - but the independent and emerging events can be a great way to discover a brand's clothes, meet the designers, and sometimes even enjoy entertainment or drinks alongside the sample sale shopping!

Along with sample sales organised by the brands themselves, there's also a rich calendar of sample sales organised by third parties or collectives. For example Shelly & Renee organise New York sample sales on behalf of many luxury brands and European labels, and companies like Soiffer Haskin and Clothingline host sample sales in their spaces all year round as well.

When is New York's sample sale season?

Because the fashion scene in NYC is so big, you'll find sample sales in New York all year round - but the most common periods, or "sample sale seasons", are when the fashion seasons come to an end. Spring Summer sample sales often happen between April to June, and Autumn Winter sample sales happen October to December. These are the times that you really want to keep an eye on the New York sample sale calendar, and make sure you don't miss your favourite brands!

Where do New York sample sales happen?

Different brands will host their sales at different locations, but most of the New York sample sales are in Manhattan. You'll find many venues - particularly the amazing team at 260 Sample Sale - will host sample sales all year round in the center of town. Many big brands will host their sale at The Metropolitan Pavilion, while others will have sales in their showrooms, or rent a space in a pop-up location.

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