Cigno Nero


We‘ve been asked - „Why do you work with leather?“ - And the answer was right there...

There is no material more epic, more elemental in outerwear. It has been used ever since mankind began to dress themselves. Leather is a material grown by nature itself. It is not woven threads put together by anyone‘s design and fashion. It challenges you because it doesn‘t come in rolls, can‘t be produced by the yard. But that is part of it‘s fascination. Leather is always it‘s own master. If you learn about it, you can manipulate it into becoming soft. Refine it until it‘s smooth. Develop it until it can do things you never thought possible. But you can never break it‘s personality. And once you understand it, you can coax into a texture so sublime, so intriguing that you can‘t wait to have it put into design, create a style,... and finally see it worn by someone.

We‘ve been doing it for so long, it became our second nature.

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