E.L.F Zhou London

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Launching in 2016, E.L.F ZHOU London has etched out a building block towards challenging traditional conventions of romanticism, creating a decadent yet ethereal range of bespoke lingerie and handcrafted leather artefacts. E.L.F ZHOU was created to fill a gap in both lingerie and accessories market for high quality, avant-garde garments that deliver both sophistication and innovation. Modeled around the woman who wants to stand up and be counted, who is fearless in her pursuits of risqué aesthetic of style and who is unafraid to allow bold statements pieces allude to her own multilayered nature.

The brand source only the finest fabrics and textiles, using handcrafted production techniques at our London-based atelier, with locally sourced materials from Britain, France and Italy. A bespoke, artisanal service is also offered; allowing clients to visit the showroom for personal fitting experience – and involve themselves in every aspect of the made to measure process. A range of fabrics, hardware, colours and styles are available and fitting by skilled designers ensures a truly bespoke experience.

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