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Sample sales are no longer reserved for the Big Apple - the booming Los Angeles sample sale scene is a great way to grab a bargain on everything from luxury to high street to emerging brands!

If you're a passionate fashion shopper, you'll know that sample sales are a great way to stock up on very low priced designer fashion. At these short and exclusive events, brands will clear out their excess inventory and manufacturing samples before the new season starts, and prices at LA sample sales can be up to 90% off retail!

Like everything else in Los Angeles, the LA sample sale scene is entirely unique - bringing you a mixture of top name global brands, through to the OC's unique beachwear, swimwear, streetwear and activewear labels which have their HQs and showrooms dotted around the area.

The first stop for sample sale shopping in Los Angeles is the Garment District, which is the place many of the world's coolest brands call their home. Situated bang in the middle of DTLA, you'll these large multibrand showrooms will often open their doors to Los Angeles sample sale shoppers at the end of each month - or even more frequently in Winter. Head there to discover great brands, pleasant surprises, and bargains galore - plus you'll sometimes meet the designers themselves and get a sneak peak at new collections in progress!

You'll also want to keep an eye on Beverly Hills and West Hollywood! In Beverly Hills you'll find 260la - the Los Angeles home of NYC's 260 Sample Sale - who bring you weekly LA sample sale brands, including some very very big names. And then in West Hollywood look out for pop-up sample sales from Eclipse, who will often be running sample sales for very cool European and American brands throughout the year.

And finally, get ready to travel - because the OC is a big place and Los Angeles sample sales don't necessarily have to be in LA! There's sales all over, especially in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Venice Beach and more. So keep an eye on the calendar, make sure you're signed up to our mailing list, and get ready to shop and have fun!

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