Nora Gardner

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After working in finance for nearly six years, Nora noticed a pressing need for attractive women’s workwear. Now she is dedicated to providing women with attire to help them feel confident, attractive and comfortable. The collection is designed to support the busy lifestyle of a business traveler or modern executive who needs her wardrobe to transition from the boardroom to cocktail hour effortlessly.

Nora Gardner is an innovative accessible luxury brand founded to solve the wardrobe needs of aspiring women in the workplace. The company was founded to solve a crucial problem facing professional women: the inequity in women’s workwear options compared to menswear.

We started from a technical perspective to design around fit, construction and quality to achieve a trifecta of timeless, dependable, and elegant workwear. We are obsessed with finishing and fabrication that will hold up to the busy lives, travels and high expectations of our ambitious, multifaceted clientele.

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