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Lucinda Taffs is an Australian creative, fashion designer and model. She has has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious brands and publications in the fashion industry for over 15 years in Asia, the UK, Europe and the USA.

"I wanted to create a brand that was bold and exciting. Designing pieces that evoke an emotional reaction for the wearer, clothes that I dreamed of having in my wardrobe. Fashion & design has always been a part of my life and heritage. My Grandmother and Grandfather had their own fashion house "Taffs Fashion” … I remember being really young and playing dress ups in my Nans wardrobe, she would take me through her vintage collection she had saved from the 50s, I remember thinking how wonderful her dresses were and adoring all the beautiful details. Auteur was born out of a love for vintage for creativity and for strong women like my Grandmother who love to express themselves through clothes."

"Auteur is at the beginning of its journey and I'm taking as many steps as possible to implement sustainable practices. While I recognize the contradiction between an industry that runs off consumption and the concept of sustainability, I am focusing on making as many informed choices as possible. One area we are focusing on currently is responsible fabrics at the design stage. Sustainability is a challenge for the industry as a whole and a journey that Auteur is excited to embrace. I hope you will join me in the studio..." Love from Lucinda

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"A21 is abolishing slavery everywhere, forever. Together, we are eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Our legacy is freedom."

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