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🥰Founded in London 2002, Designer Oyuna Tserendorj pioneered in introducing premier Mongolia cashmere to the world. The brand's cashmere, wool and cotton pieces have incredibly quality and shape you will not find in other brands. Devoted OYUNA fans: Queen Rania of Jordan, designer Calvin Klein, Yoko Ono, respected Shinto Buddhists in Japan, designer Philippe Starck. Chicmi is pride to share this style secret those well-dressed have kept from us 😍

🤩Chicmi Loves😍how the pieces hang beautifully, never lose shape and quality, if you want minimalist architectural shapes and functional details with bold hues and muted essentials OYUNA will dress you from a meeting room to a gallery opening, in equal parts of comfort and confidence.

Watch Designer Oyuna Tserendorj's inspirational Ted Talk on Cashmere here.

🌹Exclusively on Chicmi Online Store 🌹Feel effortlessly cool and look great wrapped up in luxury fabric, this is for you - a cashmere coat that took six months to construct 🙌

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