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Arlettie has definitely cemented its reputation as the most reliable sample sale organizer in town! Prices are always at 70% off regular retail - and usually the selection is worthwhile schlepping across town for! Plus the location is so much easier than the BOX! Staff is usually fairly well informed (but always good to ask twice if you get a no the first time around - some of the new staff aren’t as thorough at looking for sizes or don’t know the merchandise on offer) Sergio Sale was a great example - good selection of stock - not the most exciting styles but decent - plus some classics - a bit thin on larger sizes - but I still walked away with flats for £70! My personal best for a pair of Rossi shoes 🤗
Can’t remember for sure - some nice boxy clutches - but no one was snapping them up - I think they were still in the 500 and up category...very small bird shaped little bags were still 200
OOOHHHH Oscar! We love you .... but you are too expensive!
How do you know if the sample sale you are about to enter is good? Here are the top clues that it is not:
1. There is no cue 30 minutes after opening
2. There is a lady at the door wanting to take your email for the NEXT event
3. There is no one coming out with any bags in their hand
4. There is a cue for the cloak room - to get your coat BACK and leave!!!!
All of these were true for the Oscar de la Renta sale - and most everyone who went agreed: lovely stuff but not worth coming for! Why? The much touted 70% off - or even 80% off seemed interesting when first entering - but when you have a starting price of 1200 GBP for a white cotton shirt - it doesn’t seem like such a deal after all. Dresses were priced at 1800, 3000 or 7000 for the long dresses - with 70% off - you do the math - it’s still a lot for old merchandise that is hanging at the ‘sample sale’ for probably the 3rd time! A very thin belt was priced at £130 after the discount (it was a steal according the sales lady) and the gold rope belt was £2000 - with 80% off - yep that is still £400! This sale felt like a bad outlet store with little and old merchandise where the magical “Oscar” name was meant to lend it enough glamour to justify some pretty steep prices. For us sample sale ladies - who like a bit of couture - it just didn’t live up to our expectations!
This is such a fun sale to go to - first the location in the Browns hotel makes it feel like you are - almost - going to a crazy party. Second - the people are fun to watch and are all in a 1970’ hippy and friendly state of mind. Third - this is as close as you will ever get to a cashmere mosh pit.
Please do organize by size - it would take the frantic ness out by a tad! Bella Freud staff - thank you for staying calm and friendly in the middle of the mayhem!! I will definitely come again!
Pricing: 2/5
Quality of Stock: 3/5
Friendliness: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

It may be that I’ve seen one too many cutesy cashmere jumpers with a funny slogan...and this sale was all about cutesy jumpers. The yummy mummy brigade (and I use that as a term of admiration) was out in full force and loved it - but I thought the pricing at 125 GBP was still way too high for a sample sale - Bella Freud just 15 minutes walk away were doing better cutesy jumpers for 79! (On the same day no less)
Showcase team were disappointing this time around - there seemed to be a whole new team of retail assistants who were completely uninitiated and were helplessly uninformed and disoriented - they had no clue about the sample sale professional shoppers that had just invaded! Please organize by size - properly - and please know what is for sale and where it can be found!
On the plus side - lots of colourful jumpers are still available for tomorrow and I think they just reduced prices ..by a rather measly 10 GBP....

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