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I went back today for the 2nd time this week and wasn’t disappointed, although it didn’t look like they added any but for the price I’m pretty sure you find at least one pair in your size. The extra 20% off PLUS an additional 20% of 3 pieces or more made this sale the best Buscemi sale so far. I was able to get this coat today $160 after seeing it online for $2220 on the Buscemi website.
Jason I must agree with you. Best so far and that extra 20% off made it that much better. I was there first day and was totally satisfied with my results. 3 pairs of women’s slides and a fanny pack. Just like yourself I will go back towards the end of sale just to see what they have because I really don’t need anything.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5
I arrived approximately 8:30. When doors opened at 10am I was maybe about the 10th person to be let in. I went straight to what I came for and that was slides and fanny pack and wasn’t disappointed. Luckily I wear a 7 so I lucked up with 3 slides and a fanny pack for $245. I find that they where stocked pretty well especially for the high top sneakers/boots. The one of a kind sneakers where mostly the track sneakers. They appeared to have quite a bit of clothes/coats. I only glanced over there because I wasn’t interested in that. No more fanny packs. I left about 10:20 and line was maybe a block long. Buscemi sale never disappoints me. Especially with the buy 3 or more and you get an extra 20% off

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