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Pricing: 3/5
Quality of Stock: 4/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Good amount of people at the sale, didn’t feel to over crowded, very well controlled. Everyone was wearing a mask! Great!

Lots of trainers in pink yellow and white! Not a huge choice in other shoes.

I found clothing in small sizes tricky to find, lots in 40/42+

Some great statement belts very sparkly £60, no real handbags, a few clutches.

Most things were £100+ lots of bits I haven’t seen at a Kane sample sale before which was nice.

I came away with 2 belts and a ridiculous chain mail diamond party dress thing (slightly mad considering the current climate)

Worth a look if you like the aw19 collection.
Actually quite disappointed, I Took time off work to go on Friday afternoon, bugger all there, compared to previous sales, everyone since 2013 (the create sale especially, that was the BEST sale I’ve ever been too, Prices much better and plenty of stock.) I was very disappointed. I would normally spend a good amount of time going around making sure I’m picking the best items out for myself, but only took 20 mins this time to go through everything 3 times over. Sadly one of the saddest Kane sales I have been to. First time to the box, all members of staff I spoke too seemed to be so miserable, really didn’t want to be there (apart from the guy on shoes) Shame really. I always talk to people with a smile and plenty of thanks for their assistance no matter how small. Perhaps it was just when I went. Overall disappointed. Prices not bad but stock not so good.
Best Kane sample sale I have been to in a long time! Prices perfect! Shoes difficult to sift through if you have an arm full of clothes. But otherwise brilliant! Staff all very friendly, plenty of space so you can actually look!

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