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Just clicked on the link after 10 EDT and it returns an error message. Pls advise ASAP thx!
Not true — at least not on the first day! If I can buy Balmain at a couple hundred of dollars— you Guys are simply too expensive. I know what I saw. Good luck w your SS.
Prices indeed start at $100. I saw prices going up to $750, possibly more. But tbh I mentally shut down as soon as I saw those prices.

The merch is fine, as represented on the website. But, they all look so tiny.

They have little printers onsure to print photos and fit them into lockets. A very nice touch!

Note wipes and Purell available for customers. Another nice touch!
Styles were well represented. Past collections included. Beautiful sculpted heels of all kinds... but I bought nothing. Why?? Cuz the prices are too high. Nothing below $100. With most $145 to $245 ish. So you are looking at 50% offretail. Not a great deal. For instance a pair of summer sandals from last season here for $195.
And here’s the rub— true samples are sized 37 and/or 39 but not priced much cheaper!

Sizes are tricky— for the other, non-sample stock, for the few pieces I examined— seemed there were almost no sizes above 39.

Really is lovely product-wise but for a SS prices ought to be a lot less!
Hi, can you pls be more specific on pricing? What is starting at $100 (pix would really help)... and what are the pricing tiers thereafter etc. TIA!

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