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You should hate living here bc ppl are starting to single out races... why not say a white dude? Also saying a fat girl is simply not nice. Why not comment on someone who is skiiiiny?!

Being frustrated is understandable but pls do not extend it to racial profiling.

Chicmi has been becoming a bad place as it serves as a forum for ppl to openly single out certain races and groups. Chicmi you should do something about this community!
Someone in the chat group labeled Chinese resellers as cockroaches... I think you guys removed the post. But it’s not good enough— Chicmi should reach out to the author and issue a warning. I had brought this up with Chicmi previously. Sweeping things under the rug is not sufficient. Further violations after a warning— then the person should be banned. Any type of discrimination — race, sex, gender, religion etc- based should all be banned, and only a proactive approach will help curtail such comments from feeding others.

Someone first mentioned Chinese resellers... then before you know it another person fed upon this comment and the discussion deteriorated into labeling ppl as Chinese cockroaches. Absolutely vulgar, appalling, and should receive commensurate rebuke from all fashion activists.
Could you pls not label people, Chinese or not, as cockroaches? I don’t like resellers either but this labeling is offensive to me and I’m sure to many others. Racial labeling, no matter how “accurate” it may seem, and especially by referring to people as cockroaches, is very hurtful, esp at a time like this. I do agree wholeheartedly that resellers is a big issue so everyone should voice concern/outrage, but to the organizer /brand who has (have) the sole power to limit quantities. Thank you.
Just clicked on the link after 10 EDT and it returns an error message. Pls advise ASAP thx!
Not true — at least not on the first day! If I can buy Balmain at a couple hundred of dollars— you Guys are simply too expensive. I know what I saw. Good luck w your SS.

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