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Just went. No real samples (I don't think), but just stuff on discount. They had Shearling in lots of colors and sizes, all $750, most looked like the longer Moya style. Best deal IMO was the LMTD all black which retails at $1295. They also had the Rainer for $350 from $795 and a bunch of the Clo or Clo Mini for $250. They also had a lot of the Alpine Jackets and Vests in a lot of colors, I think the jackets were $250 (maybe $350 though ... something down or parka-ish was still $350, I can't remember what .... ) and the vests were less. There were also accessories (gloves, scarves etc.).
Yes, had tonsssss of Shearling, lots of colorways- the Moya type style - for $750.
What are you looking for? I went on Friday & I honestly don't think they sold out of anything RTW that had multiples if that is what you are looking for. It doesn't appear (from 260s social or their website / from here) that they dropped the prices (super rare for their sales!) so the original price list is probably in effect unless someone who is there can confirm a reduction.
Agree with people who are saying prices are more reasonable after reductions. I find the more expensive items are the best deals here ... by far. Very much like the Alice and Olivia sale. $279 for fur is outstanding - which is what it comes to now with the first price reduction (it looked huge and horrible on me personally, but it could be your lucky day!). And much of ALC's leather retails at $1200+, saw some pants that were like $1595, so now at $265 that's a pretty good deal. I think generally ALC is overpriced for what it is (sorry ...) and so even with these reductions $195 for a plain blazer that isn't special is meh to me, when you can get a blazer at this price or quite a bit lower that is different and unique at other sample sales that 260 hosts. I saw a shirt I liked, and a sweater, but at $104 and $139 respectively for things I thought were just OK didn't seem like great deals, especially compared to other recent / past sales. This all being said, there were a ton of dresses that would be perfect for the holiday season, as well as tops (sparkles, sequins, metallics) and also a few midi/short skirt options to fit the holiday theme, so if you need an outfit you should stop by. Very curious to see if there are further reductions!
Overall - mostly RTW items. A bunch of dresses, a bunch of tops, bodysuits, some PJ bottoms/tops & robes. Some bra/panties, not that much lingerie at all. Debatable what everything will ring up as (see my comment below). I went looking for specific pieces that I have wanted (since I know the brand) and I found a couple and was willing to pay because the pricing is still cheaper than anywhere online (including the fleurdumal site, saks/offfifth, etc.) and I knew I wanted the items. If you aren't in that boat ... I would probably wait to see if there are markdowns.

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