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The "giving away" is a marketing scam. That's why. You'll see when you get them: the amount you're paying for shipping and handling is enough to cover the real value of the sunglasses plus shipping. To be honest, for $5-10 plus shipping these would be acceptable sunglasses. Just don't pretend they're luxury goods or of a quality meriting the claimed $200-$500 value. I begrudge the deceptive marketing saying these are luxury goods. These would be the cheapest sunglasses at your local pharmacy or costume shop, not even ones a Sunglasses Hut or See or Warby Parker or similar chain would even consider carrying. As long as that's what you're after, you'll be satisfied.
Don't buy these or believe the "luxury eyewear" branding or claims of quality. These sunglasses are of the lowest quality, made with extremely cheap plastic and shoddy construction. Maybe they're fine for photo shoots, where the look alone (and not the quality) matters, but they were never worth more than a few dollars, so the claimed original prices of $180, $450, etc. are just deceptive marketing ploys to sell junk. I've seen complaints on here about the quality before, and they were 100% true. BUYER BEWARE. Don't believe Corey Woods if he posts some nonsense in response to this defending the quality.
Any COVID-19 precautions being taken here? Extra super VIP, so we can have social distance shopping?
Pricing: 2/5
Quality of Stock: 3/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 2/5
Went for things for my wife, some nice pieces. Prices were not a great discount so I did not buy. Hopefully further reductions at the end of the sale.

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