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Unfortunately I'm definitely not a size 6/8 so am definitely debating.... Wondering hows the selection of jewellery?
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your message! Indeed the price fluctuations have been brought up to the team directly at the tills, which disappointingly it wasn't met with much appreciation not willingness to be addressed.

Again, just as everyone is entitled to express their opinion here, what I am mentioning here is expressed as a genuine customer's point of view, as I visited the sale again on the continuous amount of time praises for this sale and came out disappointed, as a gesture of good will I just hope to let other customers know what they can expect from a fellow shopper's point of view. This is what this community is about right? I would hate it when all I see about a sale are parishes and only to be disappointed when visiting. Genuine customer opinion is what makes chicmi great right?
Hello Funmi,

Thanks for your message, and glad to know that you enjoyed the sale.

I completely understand that different people have different styles, and indeed I do see many people coming out with huge bags of clothes. I came out empty handed the first time and almost empty handed the second time as well, as for me it looking through the items I don't find anything that is particularly exceptional from this brand, as compared to the previous sale where I do come out with bags. Just as you're writing your praises of your great experience, what I am writing here is just my simple genuine opinion in my hopes to help other shoppers adjust their expectation and make their decision when they visit this sale, that's all.
This is my second time going to this DVF sale and both times I came out disappointed. The items they have there honestly cannot compare to the previous one I went to that were held directly at DVF - honestly pieces that no one would really buy and really out of trend.

Moreover their pricing is all over the place - a few sample pieces that were marked as £35 during the first few days of the sale last week was being now priced at '£897' full retail and charged at £45 at the tills. While I understand this is still an amazing price, this still doesn't feel too right with the inconsistency in pricing. While some ground staff are nice and helpful, I'm not a big fan of some ladies and the cashier staff, particularly for their inconsistent pricing mainly as I mentioned above.

All in all, while prices may be cheap, I wouldn't say this is a quality sale.
I think it's a medium size (the crossbody one), the baby one is called nano

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