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Hi, anyone knows when will be the pricelist available? :)
First to say the staff was very friendly and polite! Most (I would say 98%) of ladies clothes are size 10 which is too big for me. I managed to find one small work top but eventually spotted that it was damaged :( I did not buy anything however if you are size 10 it is definitely worth to go.
We went to the Crew warehouse sale on Friday. It was very good organised and sorted by sizes. Found two lovely shirts size 6 for £16 each, tshirt for £10, chinos for £18 and mens jumper for £22.
The samples are much cheaper however they only have ladies size 12 and mens Medium. The staff was super friendly. All together it was a good trip to get some discounted clothes:)
Quite well organised, the warehouse is big and both mens and womens section have divided stock into sizes which is very helpful. We bought a mens jumper, ladies chino trousers, 2 shirts and a tshirt for total £82. There is a sample sale by the entrance but in ladies only size 12. In the back of the warehouse there are a bit higher prices (comparing to samples) but still very reasonable - ladies shirt £16, tshirt £10, trousers £18, mens jumper £22.
Its definitely worth going, its well organised, staff very friendly and no queue. :) Hope that helps:)
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

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