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I went back today and there were some lovely clothes in the £30 rail both for men and women in larger sizes, I’d say mostly in a medium. Mens merino wool jumpers were also £49 now so a £20 discount from yesterday, some nice jumpers if you like men’s jumpers like me :)

The pricing is still rather confusing but there is less stock so it is much easier to look around and the staff were very nice and happy to answer questions.

I asked about the-stocking and was told that apart form scarfs, there isn’t any more stock to go out. I expect there may be some further reductions as there are still two days to go.
It is highly unusual for me to leave a sample sale without spending £200 or above, today I left with a pair gloves...

I don’t want to sound negative in any way as I’m sure putting a sample sale on is a lot of work but I also don’t want others to go and be as disappointed as I was.

I guess all the nice interesting stock has sold, which happens. I was also surprised that I had rummage through piles and piles of jumpers when they are priced at £69! All I found was a lot of very basic fitted V neck and round neck ladies jumpers in garish colours and various shades of not very attractive browns.

I was not very impressed with the pricing and would only go if they offer further discounts.
I just cancelled my slot for 16:00-17:00 today as I can no longer make it. So there is now a ticket available for that time slot, I thought I should mention this as it was previously fully booked :)
A lot of of different brands to those initially advertised. The items are quite conservative in design, so if you are looking for something quirky or unusual I would not recommend coming. If you are after work trousers for £35 or a plain wool jumper for £30 then I would definitely recommend! Most small sizes are gone in clothing but quit a lot of M and up, only three rails of coats mainly acrylic mix with a little wool and a couple of faux fur. Summer sandals are £15. I think that covers it all :)
I completely forgot to take any photos...If you are after Racil clothing they still have a good selection of styles. The trousers are mainly size 36 or 40, 42. The same with the other items. I’m not sure what a 36 is in a UK size, I’m assuming a 6 because I am an 8 and they were very tight on me. I did get a couple of the silk tie up tops for £20. Good value an worth a look if you are nearby :)

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