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First time went to this event. I drove 56 miles for this event. The parking area was big and free (located in Pierce College), paid the entrance fee of $4 per person. I've been to many flea markets, and this was one of my favorite. Now the flea market was dominated also with reproduction products and new products that made like a vintage. This flea market is real. I have to dig in on jewelries, the price is good. I bought silver and cooper rings, necklace, jeans and really cool piece of Indian long knitted jacket. Love it. Would love to come back on every 4th of Sunday every month. Happy thrifting!
The selections was a lot for jeans, dresses, and jacket/outerwear. I Love 1 of the ankle boots, but they didnt have my size. Met with a lot of nice people today (the customers not the staff). The staffs on the floor was really helpful. The lady on the cashier though was flat face, no smile (maybe she just had a long day, smiley face). I end up with the red metallic leather jacket (from $848, paid $350 plus tax). I checked on the website right away, my jacket was on sale too, but still priced higher $424.
I went yesterday, the price actually down more 30%. The selections were ok. I really love the sequins blazers that from price $498 originally, down to only around $80..but they sold it as is. The condition of the sequins are good, it's just the edge on the front blazer were starting falling apart, because sometimes it stucks on the sequins. Selections for Jean's, tops and dresses still a lot..but nothing really caught my eye. I just bought the Joie booties for $50, which I saw from a website still cost you $118. So it was a win! You cant take any pictures at all! Good luck with 40% bargain today! Happy shopping ladies!
I really expecting the blue snake skin boots on my size, but I didnt see any on other sizes too.
They have lots of boots, sandals and mules. I bought 1 brown croc leather and it's so comfortable. They have different styles in each sizes. The smaller sizes have better styles though.

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