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Was there at 5:30ish. The selection was still very good. I made out like a bandit:
Ted Baker s/set, 4 Lacoste shams large bed pillow, 2 oversized bath towels, 6 piece Sephora towel set and Scott queen quilt all for about $100.
The staff was incredibly kind and hands on. Really helped me gather what I needed to complete my look.
I definitely recommend this sale.
The sale says it starts next week but the dates say it starts Jan. 20th, which is 12 days from now.
Which is correct? Don't want to miss it.
How about an update?

Was there December 31st, only Dr. Jart shakers and a few serums were left. Claudile had only 5 gift sets available. Not sure of Artis.

The price lists were posted a week ago...any added products? Which are unavailable?

Would be a big help to post current stock/prices.

I am concerned....

Chicmi, how do you verify if a sale is legit or a scam? It should be checked by editors and then not even be posted or pulled from the site if found to be not true.

This sale has been advertised on here from at least December 7th with several questions from Chicmi members and no responses from the company running the sale.

It should be deleted if it doesn’t exist.

How secure is this website for this to happen?

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