Tools for Bloggers

We're mapping out the fashion scene in the world's fashion cities. Use our blogger tools to add a real-time calendar of fashion sales or fashion events to your blog, powered by our unique dataset.

Whether you want to show fashion-related exhibitions in London, sample sales in Manchester, or vintage sales in Glasgow, you can choose exactly what the calendar contains and how it looks. Just use the simple tool below to choose your settings and preview the results, and then copy and paste a small code snippet into your blog or website to display it.

It's completely free to use, and doesn't show any ads or spammy stuff. You can put as many different calendars on your site as you'd like. If you have questions about it or suggestions for how we can help make it better for your blog, get in touch at

Step 1: Configure Your Calendar

Where are you embedding the calendar?

Which city would you like to show?

What types of sales and events would you like to include?

Jump to the code >

Step 2: Preview The Results

This is how the calendar will appear on your site. Your site's fonts and colours will be automatically applied when you add the blog to your site.

Step 3: Get the Code

Where are you embedding this?

If you need more advanced functionality, you can use the Chicmi API.




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