Carol Workinger Studio

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Carol Workinger creates handcrafted jewelry inspired by a love of craft, the creative process and a desire for effortless style. Carol's work embraces the aesthetic of simple form, clean design and modern craft. Each piece of jewelry created must be timeless, uncomplicated and merit daily wear. Produced in limited runs, her jewelry is designed to become future heirlooms and forever pieces.

Stones are selected for their natural beauty and intrinsic quirks rather than overall perfection. When possible, she uses recycled metals and always works with a handful of trusted suppliers who guarantee that all of her stones are responsibly sourced. Each piece of jewelry is created entirely by hand using time-honored techniques.

Trained as a goldsmith in New York City and London, Carol's design sensibility is rooted in ancient artisanal technique. She counts herself among a community of skilled artisans dedicated to supporting domestic, handmade, local craft production.

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