Nadia Manzato

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Founded in 2012 from a Nadia Manzato’s idea, the atelier immediately brought a breath of fresh air into the world of wedding dresses, abandoning the classic designs of the past and giving a personal and modern stylistic feel to its creations. In a short time, Nadia established herself among the emerging Italian bridal designers, thanks to her original and elegant style, which draws inspiration from the lines of the past, revisiting them with a modern touch.

Nadia Manzato, the brand created by the designer of the same name, aims to give a voice to all those brides who do not feel represented by old-fashioned wedding dresses, and who are looking for a fresh and modern garment for the most important day of their life. Particular attention is given to fabrics and laces, all sourced from the best suppliers, and to the finishes, handmade in the designer's atelier, in the best craftsmanship tradition.

The bride who wears Nadia Manzato is youthful, dynamic, enterprising and does not allow herself to be defined by stylistic models or pre-established status symbols: she knows what she wants and looks to substance rather than appearance.

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