Ragdoll LA

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Ragdoll founder Lisa Larson, Swedish designer and former globetrotting fashion-buyer,
started the brand to fill the void of vintage inspired pieces that offer an evolved,
effortless sophistication with the sexy edge of rock n' roll.
With an aesthetic that combines European feminine lines with the relaxed ease of the Californian lifestyle,
Ragdoll offers luxurious everyday staples with the perfect details and a signature vintage wash.
Ragdoll's ethos is comfort and style, without a trace of affectation.
It honors women with a quiet confidence, women whose sexiness and power are
self evident rather than needing their style to act as a spokesperson.
Designed to create the perfect off-duty look, the collection consists of basics,
loungewear and statement pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. It was
created to give women a range of timeless closet staples that offer styling
inspiration beyond just practical luxury.

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