Rotten Roach

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Rotten Roach was founded in 2012 by two friends who had a love for wearing t-shirts wherever they went be it the gym or a black tie event. They also loved art and the idea that the t-shirt was your own canvas. A chance meeting with artist Hugo Guinness who creates all the artwork for the line and Rotten Roach was born.

The brand was started in NYC a city that's infested with roaches. Since then we have set up shop in London, England and beware the roaches are approaching. Be ready because they will infest your home. It’s a super bread of Cockroach born out of the dirty streets of New York City. They’ve snuck in luggage and traveled across the world. These Roaches are hungry and feed on art and fashion. You can’t exterminate us so come ride with the roaches

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